5 Hints To Eliminate Sketch Pen Stains From The Carpet

Sketch pen ink stains are one of the annoying stains on the carpet. These stains you can see frequently in your carpets if you are having kids at home. But these stains are very strong and difficult to get rid of without effort. Here you can use some easy home remedies to eradicate these sketch pen stains from your beautiful carpet. If you don’t know how to remove these powerful satins then you can search online for some easy tips and tricks.

Sketch Pen Stains
Sketch Pen Stains

Here are some techniques to remove the stains from the carpet:-

  1. Use Alcohol

Alcohol Eliminate Sketch Pen Stains from the Carpet. Take 1 tablespoon of alcohol and put on the sketch pen ink stains after that, you can scrub it with the help of a towel and then wash it out with the water.

  1. Use Laundry detergent

Laundry detergent is also an effective method to get rid of sketch pen stains. Use 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent and take some water, mix them well and fill the sponge with this mixture and spray on the affected area also, scrub it with the sponge on the stains until the stains do not eliminate properly. After that, you can dry the area with the help of sanitary tissue.

  1. Use shaving gel

Shaving gel or cream you can easily find in your bathroom. Shaving gel Eliminate Sketch Pen stains from the Carpet expertly. You can take the shaving cream and apply it straightaway to the concerned area, now take a wet sponge and then rub on the sketch pen ink repeatedly until the stains are eradicated properly and after that, you can use the vacuum to make the carpet spotless. Also, you need a towel to dry the area.

  1. Use Corn flour and milk

If you want to get rid of the stains corn flour and milk are the best carpet stain removal and you can find them in your home kitchen. Take 1 tablespoon of corn flour and add milk to it to make the fine paste. Now, you can put down this mixture on the ink and keep that mixture on the stains for some hours and rub it with the use of the hard toothbrush until the stains are gone properly and use the vacuum cleaner on the carpet after the stains are removed properly.

  1. Use hair spray

You can also use hair gel or spray for deep carpet cleaning. Simply put the towel or tissue on the sketch pen stains and sprinkle on the tissue paper and leave it for some time until the towel soaks the ink stain properly. After that, you can throw away the towel and clean the carpet with the help of a damp sponge. If you find any waste then clean it with lukewarm water.


If you want to make your carpet stain free then you can use the above-mentioned methods. These will help to get rid of the stubborn sketch pen stains. Still if you are not satisfied with these carpet cleaning treatments you can call the professionals to remove the stains forever.  Call us on 0720 004 489 for urgent requirements.

7 Simple Steps For Better Deep Carpet Cleaning

Everyone wants a cleaner home and that will be possible if you understand how to clean the carpets well. The carpets are the major culprits and often they would attract too much dirt and dust. So, what matters is how you deep clean the carpets. Just read the information below and understand the details about the 7 steps for deep carpet cleaning in Toowong.

Deep Carpet Cleaning
Deep Carpet Cleaning
  1. Get the carpet dust-free first

The first step that you must take is to move the vacuum cleaner around and on the carpets and make the same dust free. This will help you in getting rid of the dirt and the little dust particles. So, make sure that you follow the right method to use the vacuum cleaner.

  1. Use stain treatment solutions

The next thing that you should do is use the compounds specially meant for stain removal. You must figure out the places where there are spots and marks. To get rid of the same, you should follow stain removal techniques.

  1. Pre-spray the chemicals for initiating deep cleaning

Now, moving towards deep cleaning, the next step will be to pre-spray the chemicals on the carpet that will help in deep cleaning, further.

  1. Soak the carpet in warm water

If your carpet is handy and you are going to do the cleaning on your own then you must soak the carpet in hot water. Let it be for a while. Take along a brush and use it on the carpet wherever you can. It is important to note that, if the carpet is too large and bulky then you will find it difficult to clean the same. In that situation, it would be better to hand over this work to the professionals.

  1. Use a power brush to clean the carpets

You should use the long power brush in the specific areas of the carpets and get them cleaned.

  1. Extract the carpet on your own or use an extractor machine

Now, the carpet is too wet and you have to extract the water and other chemicals out of it. Make sure that you either use a high-powered extractor, or dryer machine or do it manually.

  1. Initiate drying

The last step to carpet cleaning services is to get the carpet dried up and this will ensure that the carpet will become perfect to use. You can either keep the same in the sun or under the fan.


Having a clean carpet will always give a better opportunity to stay healthy. There would be a host of allergens and issues over the carpets. If you decide to deep clean the same then you are one step ahead towards better breathing and better health. With all these things in mind, you need to make the relevant choices. This will work wonders and finally, you will make the right ideas on the line. Plan every action in such a way that you get the best solutions. Cleaning the carpets well will help you in getting the relevant solutions.

What Are The Advantages Of Carpet Cleaning Services

If you hire carpet cleaning services then there will be many benefits that you can fetch. It is quite tedious to do things on your own. Carpets are supposed to be heavy and bulky and hence it would be quite tough to carry out all these tasks on your own. So, be ready to take advantage of the professionals who help you. Just check the details given below and understand what benefits you can achieve.

Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services
  1. Removes dust from the carpet even from the high traffic areas

The best carpet cleaning services in Toowong have basic ideas about how to clean the carpets. They are leading carpet washers or cleaners who would give you the right direction. So, there are many places on the carpets where the traffic will be high. If you have hired the professionals then you can get an idea about how they will do this. They have the relevant tools and equipment for cleaning the carpets thoroughly and making them dust-free.

  1. Enhances the lifespan of your valued asset

You must take good care of your carpet. This is because they get dirty and dusty very soon. If you have handed over the cleaning task to the professional services then in one way you are enhancing the lifespan of your asset. So, take the relevant measures and make your valuable carpets clean so that they can stay around for many more years to come.

  1. Enhances the indoor air quality

 The biggest benefit of carpet cleaning services is that they help in making the indoor air quality better. Thus, you and your family members can stay away from allergies, colds, coughs, and other common issues that would have happened, if the indoor air quality was bad.

  1. Disposes of the carpet residues after cleaning with care

The professionals know well what it takes to clean the carpets. They will use good quality cleaners. In the end, they will also help in disposing of the residue liquid, and filth that would happen on account of carpet cleaning. Thus, in no way they would ever harm the environment.

  1. You get a stain-free carpet

There’s one more important benefit that you need to keep in mind and that is, that you get a stain-free carpet after the professionals have cleaned the same. With carpet cleaning your carpet will become stained free and there would be no issues at all. So, keep these basic things in mind and understand how you need to take the relevant measures. A stain-free carpet would look great and it would make someone feel that it is a new piece of carpet.


Cleaning the carpets can be a good thing as there would be a good feeling inside the home or office. But you must hand over the carpet cleaning task to someone who has the expertise, good experience, and complete professionalism. So, decide how you wish to take things to the next level. A clean carpet can open many avenues for you in life.